Wrap to protect!


    This popular all-rounder is as light as air and as protective as a cushion. The tiny bubbles offer superb crush protection for delicate components; the inner layer is water-resistant. It’s simple, soft, and a must-have in any stationery cabinet.

    White, brown or in four color print!

    Good for you and good for the environment. The padded bag wraps your
    contents in a soft protective cushion: the filling is 100% recycled paper,
    the inner sheet has a water-resistant PVA coating. Wide range of sizes,
    with and without Peal & Seal closure.

    • For small and delicate goods – anything that needs protection in the mail

    • Easy protection in a pocket format

    • Extreme light weight limits costs

    • Add to the fun with colour and text – think of a light-hearted look for a lightweight mailer

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