Nomination Commitee

The Annual General Meeting appoints a Nomination Committee whose task is to submit proposals to the AGM in consultation with the principal owners on, among other things, the composition of the Board of Directors.


The Nomination Committe elected by the 2022 AGM consisted of three members: Stéphane Hamelin (Holdham S.A.), Per Åhlgren (GoMobile Nu AB) and Christian Paulsson (Paulsson Advisory AB). Christian Paulsson was appointed Chairman of the Nomination Committee.


In accordance with the instruction for the Nomination Committee, adopted by the Annual General Meeting 2022 for the period up until the Annual General Meeting 2023 (minutes from Annual General Meeting 2022), the Nomination Committee shall, if a shareholder represented by any of the members of the Nomination Committee should substantially reduce its shareholding in the company or in the event a member no longer is employed with such shareholder or for any other reason should leave the Nomination Committee before the AGM 2023, be entitled to appoint another representative of the major shareholders to replace such member. 


Shareholders who wish to contact the Nomination Committee can send a letter addressed to:
Bong AB (publ)
The Nomination Committee of Bong AB
Attn. Mattias Östberg
P.O. Box 516
SE-291 25 Kristianstad

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