Audit committee

The Board of Directors has appointed an Audit Committee consisting of Christian Paulsson, chairman, and Per Åhlgren.

The Audit Committee shall oversee that the Company’s accounts are prepared with full integrity for the protection of the interests of shareholders and other parties and specifically be responsible to review and monitor the impartiality and independence, and pay particular attention to whether the auditor is delivering other services to the holding company other than auditing. In addition, the Audit Committee shall approve all non-audit services, issue guidelines on allowable tax and valuation services, ensuring that the fees for non-audit services do not exceed the 70 per cent rule and monitor the auditor’s assessment of its impartiality and independence. The 70 per cent rule means that fees for advisory services may not exceed 70 per cent of the last three years’ average audit fee.

The Audit Committee met three times in 2021, one of the members did not attend at one of those meetings.

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