The strength of a box, the softness of fabric.


    DuPont™ Tyvek® is like no other packaging material. It brings strength, professionalism, glamour, and security to your mailings and your correspondence. It's versatile too. You can use it for everyday letters, for bulky components, for ultra-strong carrier bags, and for archival storage. Wherever you use it, Tyvek® won't let you down.

    What is Tyvek®?

    Tyvek® is smooth and silky – a mat of non-woven high-density polyethylene. It has a unique combination of attributes. You can use Tyvek® in just about any mailing or packaging situation that calls for more strength or glamour or long-term reliability.

    Good things arrive in Tyvek®

    There's no mistaking Tyvek®. You can identify it by look and feel alone. The surface is soft to the touch, while the swirling pattern of spun-bonded fibres catches the light at every angle. Smooth, white, strong, elegant – Tyvek® gives your business an aura of luxury.

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