It is the inside which counts!


    Create more attention but at a lower cost! Increase in costs and a low response-rate are a nightmare for many marketers. This often leads to cost-cutting and decreased budgets – but now we have the solution!

    Use EAZIP Mailinside for effective direct marketing!

    If You have a clearly defined target group, direct marketing with current, well-maintained address material is the shortest way to reach Your contacts with a message which will grab their attention.

    EAZIP Mailinside makes your message unmistakable:

    •  it awakens the spirit of discovery and makes people curious

    •  has a considerably higher advertising effectiveness than e-mails, for example

    •  conveys a positive experience to the receiver

    •  cost-aware and cost-effective with few or no inserts or flyers

    •  shows more efficiency and creativity in customer communication

    •  is environmentally-friendly – and thereby good for your image 

    •  available in multiple formats and qualities

    With EAZIP Mailinside you will increase your contacts despite decreased budgets!

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