Gift & Retail Packaging



At Bong Retail Solutions we create gift and retail packaging, and our customers work with us to generate even more retail excitement - to use packaging to express their brand values.

With the combination of our own production and our supply partners we can support shops and retail chains with a complete range of gift and retail products - all customized to communicate their brand.

To succeed, brands within fashion, beauty, fine foods and department stores partner with us, realizing the value of our knowledge and understanding of their unique brand and business. Our cooperation delivers sustainable and efficient solutions in-line with every brands specific communication and marketing plan.

Supported with these innovative and communicative brand elements, the retailer is able to re-enforce the total retail experience of their brand - all the way from the shop to the home and beyond.


We focus on recyclable and sustainable paper-based gift and carrier solutions. Our production is FSC® certified, and with continued focus on sustainability and the environment we strive to have an as environmentally friendly production as possible recycling more than 90% of our waste.



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