E-Logistics & Industry



In our standard packaging range you will find products for just about every business use you can think of: reliable e-fulfillment, confidential data and correspondence, archiving, laboratory samples, glossy brochures, and robust engineering parts. If you are already using Bong products in one area of your business, you can expect the same great service for numerous other activities.




With an increasing part of today’s consumption taking place on the internet Bong ensures that ordered goods arrive unharmed and in pristine condition at the consumer. By offering online shops the packaging they need to protect their products, Bong helps to ensure customer satisfaction and cutting costs of returns.


e-Green is a new range of kraft paper mailers, which covers the need for sustainable e-commerce packaging. e-Green mailers are made from 100% paper and thus fully recyclable. They adapt to the content and help to reduce packaging material, volume, weight and freight cost - compared to traditional packaging products such as boxes. Visit our e-Green website to find out more. 



  Visit our Light Packaging website.

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