Motivated, skilled and healthy employees are a crucial competitive factor on Bong’s markets. We strive to create a sustainable work environment that attracts, motivates
and develops our employees.




Bong is mindful of good relations with employees in the Group, based on
mutual respect.

No form of forced labour or child labour is permitted within the Bong Group.
The minimum hiring age is the age after completion of compulsory schooling.

Bong offers equal opportunities for all employees without regard for race,
colour, gender, nationality, religion, ethnic affiliation or other characteristics.

All employees shall be provided with a safe and healthy work environment.

In all companies in the Group, the employees shall be entitled to form or join
a trade union in compliance with local laws or principles.




Bong is a modern company with short and informal decision-making pathways. Communication is based on transparency and participation. Managers continually inform employees on local and company-wide developments. Everyone is encouraged to take an active part in decisions concerning improvements in the working environment that result in fewer work-related injuries, higher productivity and better quality.


Bong also strives to reward extraordinary efforts. Throughout the Group small bonus programs are offered related to parameters such as the unit’s earnings, production volume, number of claims and delivery reliability.


Bong strives to reduce sickness absence by means of increased information to managers and other employees on the importance of health promotion.


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