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The efficient possibility to send small products..
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Bubble Film Roll

Bubble Film is an easy to use wrap-around, giving excellent protection.
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Duo Frame Kit

The Duo Frame Kit is a simple solution to rough handling with cost saving advantages.
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Document Enclosed

Simple, yet essential – this is the document carrier that’s impossible to overlook.

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Carrier Bag - Paper Flat handle

Basic and simple, you can always thrust these bags to do the job.
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Carrier Bag - Paper Twisted handle

Basic and simple with a twist – these bags will always do the trick.
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Corrugated Roll

Cut what you need, then wrap and tape. Corrugated Roll is the simplest way to protect large machine parts and other bulky objects. Think of the one thing that you can't pack. Now wrap it in corrugated roll, pop in a box or bag, and away it goes.
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