LoyaltyPRO - score triple points with your customers

Customer loyalty programs are experiencing an unchanged boom. Whether it's a baker, a hairdresser or a department store, customer cards are available almost everywhere. The large number of plastic cards hardly fit into a regular wallet as banking-, insurance and identity cards also need to find some space.

The clever solution is called LoyaltyPRO, an elegant protective sleeve providing 3 functionalities: it replaces a plastic customer card by printing the individual barcode directly onto the sleeve. It can protect the remaining cards such as credit cards from damage and RFID rays. At the same time, it’s fully printable, making it a highly frequented advertising medium, which is perceived on a daily basis.

LoyaltyPRO scores by its special qualities: the outer layer is made from DuPont™ Tyvek®, a fabric outstandingly tough and elegant. Its lustrous look and soft feel will carry your customer’s brand message in the most beautiful way – day by day. Since Tyvek® is tear-resistant and water-repellent, all cards are protected against manual damage.

But there is even more to it; LoyaltyPRO sleeves prevent data theft by blocking RFID-rays. Quite often passports and chip cards hold personal data on an integrated RFID-chip; for identify thieves armed with remote portable scanners it’s easy to read the highly sensitive information and misuse it. Thanks to their unique three layer construction, LoyaltyPRO sleeves block 99.99% of radio waves and keep personal data secure.

This 3-in-1 sleeve is multitalented! It saves space and reduces the number of plastic cards to the minimum. At the same time, it is sparing the budget of marketers: A LoyaltyPRO sleeve is more cost-efficient than a plastic card and easy to replace if lost. Or simple to exchange, when a new advertising message and a new design are desired. It opens up almost endless possibilities for creative marketing campaigns.

In addition to LoyaltyPRO, Bong offers a wide range of Tyvek® promotional gifts. For more information, contact your local sales team.



Bong extends ScanSafe® product range to protect personal data

ScanSafe® by Bong combines luxurious looks with a high level of protection against data theft. The thin sleeves block RFID rays and prevent the spying on personal data, which can be stored on chip cards and passports. Identity thieves are able to read and steal the sensitive data with a simple handheld device. ScanSafe® sleeves block 99.99% of radio waves and keep personal data secure.

The outer layer consists of Tyvek® and provides the unique look and feel of ScanSafe® sleeves. DuPont™ Tyvek® is known for its combination of silky surface and unsurpassed strength: Tyvek® is tear-, burst- and water-resistant, and can be printed with any desired design. This combination makes it the perfect vehicle for any marketing campaign.

Due to the high demand for anti-RFID protective sleeves, Bong is now launching other ScanSafe® products. In addition to the previously available chip card and passport sleeves, there will be card covers for several cards and travel document sleeves as well as car key sleeves and mobile phone sleeves with RFID protection.
The extended range is targeted at merchandisers, agencies and companies that attach great importance to the safety of their customers. The elegant ScanSafe® products help to combine brand image with value, durability and care.
To learn more about Tyvek® products, please contact your local sales team.
™ and ® indicate trademarks or registered trademarks of DuPont used under license by Bong AB.



Tyvek® Archive Sleeves


Mailing and packaging solutions made from DuPont ™ Tyvek® are well known for their strength, elegance and flexibility. They are mainly used for sending important, confidential documents and heavy, bulky items. But Tyvek® can do much more! This unique material is:

  • Breathable
  • Mould resistant
  • Dust repellent
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Space saving
These properties make Tyvek® a reliable partner when it comes to the long-term archiving of documents. For example in public archives, museums, libraries, hospitals, insurance companies and at industrial manufacturers.
Tyvek® Lever Arch File Sleeve

This lever arch file archive sleeve is simple, practical and good. It wraps exactly one lever arch file and protects it from water, moisture and dust. Despite its strength, the Tyvek® sleeve requires only very little space in the archive or storage room and is more variable than a box or container. 


The sturdy hook and loop closure allow easy opening and resealing the sleeve and can be adapted to the capacity of the folder. A tamper-proof closure, indicating unauthorized access is available on request.

Tyvek® Lever Arch File Sleeve will simplify your work as the documents do not need to be repacked in boxes or stapler, but may remain in the folder. Also there is no folding or assembling required, Tyvek® sleeves are ready to use.

Choose between two formats: Tyvek® archive sleeves are available for lever arch files with a spine width up to 5 cm and 8 cm.

Tyvek(R) Hanging Files Sleeves
For long term archival storage hanging files require reliable protection against moisture, mould and dust. Bong’s hanging file sleeve made from Tyvek® has been developed for this purpose and fits one fully filled hanging file or up to four partly filled files.
Thanks to the flexible hook and loop closure the sleeve can easily be closed and reopened. Cut outs for the metal rails make sure the hanging file sleeves can be kept in a box, open rack or cabinet.
The Tyvek® sleeves are suitable for all standard hanging files or pockets.
To learn more about Tyvek® archive products, please contact your local sales team.