Light Packaging



At Bong Retail Solutions we create gift and retail packaging, and our customers work with us to generate even more retail excitement – to use packaging to express their brand values.


With the combination of our own production and our supply partners we can support shops and retail chains with a complete range of gift and retail products – all customized to communicate their brand. Visit Bong Retail Solutions to find out more.




With an increasing part of today’s consumption taking place on the internet Bong ensures that your goods arrive to your customer unharmed, and in pristine condition. By offering you the packaging you need to protect your products, Bong helps to ensure customer satisfaction and cutting costs of returns.


ColdSeal®, a corrugated material with specially designed latex coating on the inside, allows our customers to focus on increasing their output and improving reliability.


At the same time you can ensure that all your packaging communicates your values and brand through customized print.




In our standard range of Light Packaging you will find packaging in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Secure, protective and efficient the range covers a range of functions making sure you pack your products in a safe and smart way.


To see the Light Packaging-range on offer in your market please select a language below.

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