What's the minimum order quantity?
That depends on the type of product you're looking for. For off-the-shelf catalogue products, you can order a single box. For bespoke packaging, minimum quantities vary according to the product and the colour. Please ask for a quotation.
What is Bong doing to protect the environment?
We are always on the look-out for greener ways of working. When we find a greener alternative, we're quick to adopt it. To read about the environmental improvements we've already made, click here.
Where to recycle?

Tyvek® is made of 100% HDPE and is fully recyclable in the same way as plastic. All mailing and packaging solutions made of Tyvek®, no matter if plain or printed, can be recycled. Please send to:


Tycon S.A.

Zone Industrielle

Hall 5

L-5280 Sandweiler



Phone: +352 35 75 04 1

Fax: +352 35 75 04 55

Is Tyvek® a green solution?
Yes. Tyvek® is 100% recyclable. But more important: An independent study of all the environmental factors from raw material extraction to final disposal shows that Tyvek® mail packaging is a green solution. It reduces CO2 emissions, waste, energy consumption and ozone layer depletion – compared to cardboard or LDPE used in similar conditions. Ask for your free copy of the EcoProfile.
Can Tyvek® be imprinted?

Offset: Yes. Tyvek® mailing and packaging solutions can be imprinted in standard envelope over-printing presses.


For light ink coverage, such as “corner cards” or line shots, acceptable results can be achieved with standard paper inks.


For heavy ink coverage, such as logos and illustrations, offset inks compatible with Tyvek® are recommended to avoid distortion. Call us if you would like the list of ink suppliers.


Given that Tyvek® is more pliable than paper, a “wedge” should be placed under the centre of the feed stack to maintain a level feed with horizontal feeders. 


Printing quality on Tyvek® may be enhanced by using a “patch” blanket with offset presses placed in the image zone only. This makes it easier to print without interference from the flap ends. 


Inkjet: Yes. Tyvek® mailing and packaging solutions are suitable for inkjet printing. Thanks to recent modifications to the Tyvek® surface, ink distortion may be fully eliminated. Tyvek® envelopes can be addressed with most standard inkjet systems. 


Laser: No! Do not use laser printers as they operate at high temperatures which will melt Tyvek®. Rather than addressing your envelopes directly, run address labels through your laser printer and then affix them to the Tyvek® mailing and packaging solutions.
What is Tyvek®?

DuPont™ Tyvek® is a non-woven material made of very fine 100% polyethylene fibres laid randomly to form a web. The resulting substrate is then converted for a multitude of uses in cases where a high level of protection takes priority e.g.:

  • Envelopes and packaging to protect important documents and goods
  • Protective garments for industrial workers, teams working in emergency situations and environmental protection 
  • Construction (roofing etc.)
  • Disc packaging to protect important data or your favourite music
  • Medical packaging

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