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The Swedish post

Fast, simple, safe mailing bags for easy online selling

People love a bargain. That's why the online market for second-hand goods is growing so fast. To make it easier and faster for sellers to mail their goods, the Swedish postal operator, Posten, is selling prepaid green postal bags. These simple yet rugged padded bags are made by Bong.

Online buyers are impatient. They want their goods as soon as possible. So anything that speeds up the process of wrapping and dispatching is good for buyers and sellers. Posten's prepaid padded bags are an easy, nationwide solution. The bags take items weighing up to 2 kg and include first-class postage within the price. That means sellers can offer their customers simple next-day delivery for a fixed fee. The scheme is hassle-free because the bags are on sale at more than 3.800 outlets across Sweden including ICA stores, OK/Q8 petrol stations, and Pressbyrån newsagents.


We asked Posten's Ing-Marie Filipsson about their new service.


Why is Posten using Bong’s Green Bags?

Carrying customers' products from one address to another is a key task. We use the bags to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for people to send things to each other.


Are you happy with the result?

The market is growing amazingly fast. It’s clear that more and more people are discovering the opportunities of buying and selling second-hand goods online. There’s money to be earned and saved, and also a chance to give a new lease of life to items gathering dust in the attic instead of throwing them away.


Why do you thing the bags have been such a success?

People think the bags are safe and secure. They trust them to get the goods to their destination undamaged.

Click here to see the padded bag movie.

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