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Portuguese post

The Portuguese postal service wants everyone to use its padded green bags.

CTT, the Portuguese postal service, is proud of its green credentials. To simplify the mailing of bulky goods, CTT is developing a range of prepaid postal packages made from recycled materials. The range includes a padded bag from ProPac.

To reinforce the sustainable nature of the product, CTT's specification included a requirement that the padded bags should look environmentally friendly. So we sourced an appropriately brown-looking paper for the outer layers and environmentally friendly inks for printing. The brown paper is no more or less recycled than our usual yellowish paper, but the colour sends out a strong visual message of environmental sustainability.

CTT were also concerned that their padded-bag supplier be big enough to cope with nationwide demand, and experienced enough to guarantee quality and sustainability. ProPac was an obvious candidate. After three meetings, CTT visited our factory to check our production methods and approve print quality. Soon afterwards, we went into full-scale production.


The next stage is a nationwide TV and billboard campaign to promote the concept of prepaid green packaging to the Portuguese people. With more than 1.000 outlets selling padded bags, the take-up should be huge. We're ready for the challenge.


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