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For efficiency and flexibility, choose European padded bags

Padded bags are a superbly easy medium for mailing fragile goods. That's why the Norwegian Post sells them in four sizes at every post office in the country.

Since padded bags are so popular, the Norwegian Post decided to order them from China. To manage the logistics, it used a distribution partner. But the costs and the headaches associated with the storage and distribution proved too high, so both parties looked for a simpler and more efficient solution.

They found it in Bong – a manufacturer with the flexibility to produce padded bags at short notice in much smaller quantities. They also found that communication was much simpler with a nearby supplier. Although the production cost of each bag is higher, the distribution solution that Bong set up with its wholesaler and the distribution partner is far more efficient. It reduces the total cost of each bag, simplifies the management of the supply chain, and is greener too.

Now the Norwegian Post handles seasonal sales fluctuations with ease. Peak months are November and December when Norwegians their mail precious Christmas gifts. Bong has already improved the product with peal-and-seal and tear strips. Further developments are planned to increase sales and postal volumes. One option is to add colour to follow the success of the padded bags Bong makes for the Swedish Post.

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