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Øresund bridge case

Speeding commuters across the Øresund

The 16.4km bridge that spans the Øresund between Copenhagen and Malmö cuts journey times between Denmark and Sweden to around ten minutes. The fastest crossings are made by those who pay their bridge tolls using a BroBizz, an automatic billing device that they carry in their cars.

The bridge management company used to mail out the billing devices in a corrugated box. Although the rigid boxes offered plenty of protection, they were difficult to pack and seal, and workers often cut their fingers on the edges of the board.

We suggested using a simpler piece of packaging, an expandable all-board bag with score lines down the sides. These strong bags open and seal just like ordinary envelopes. They're quick and simple to use – and far quicker than corrugated boxes.

The all-board bags save money all round. They reduce injuries, shorten packing times, and are cheaper to mail because they're lighter. For all that, there's no loss of quality. The bags look crisp and businesslike with their smooth white finish and discreet Øresundsbron® logo at the bottom right.

Restraint with the logo was a strategic decision to make the package less showy. A cashless billing device is as valuable to thieves as it is to the Øresund Bridge's fast-moving commuters.

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