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Free record shop case

Free-thinking sparkles at free record Shop

Since the early '70s, canny Dutch music fans have bought their music at Free Record Shop, today's market leading company in the sales of CDs, DVDs and Computer games. The chain now extends to several hundred shops in both Holland and Belgium.

Speed is vital to Free Record Shop, a company that's not stood still in four decades. Our short lead times convinced them that we could support their retail theatre with a flow of fresh packaging.

We're now producing packaging across Free Record Shop's retailing range, including gift bags for CDs, DVDs, and concert tickets, as well as rolls of gift wrapping paper. Everything is printed in their distinctive corporate style.

Free Record Shop also liked the fact that we can run off samples whenever they want to test out a new idea. For Christmas 2008, they decided to lift spirits with a different colour. Throughout the season, entertainment-buyers enjoyed a joyful blue and black theme.

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