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Packed in a Flash

Flash is the Swedish fashion chain that sells in small batches so everyone can feel unique. But its plain white boxes were far from unique. So we created a range of bespoke packaging that delighted the retailer as much as its customers.

To make sure the bag designs were right for the market, we worked with the boutique teams to test them instore. The result was a resounding success.

We're still working closely with Flash. For Christmas 2011, we've developed a bespoke label/sticker teamed with our red and silver ribbons.

We asked Flash's CEO and Marketing Manager, Fredrik Johansson, about his partnership with Bong. This is what he said:
How is packaging significant to you?
“We wanted packaging that sends a signal about us. Bong’s concept works beautifully with what we stand for: smart solutions and good quality.”
“There is a practical side to things too. We have to use space wisely and Bong packaging comes in clever boxes that fit under the checkout.”
Fredrik Johansson
Flash CEO
Why did you partner with Bong?
“Because they were very proactive in showing us the
possibilities of the packaging. It turned out there was a
Bong solution for virtually our entire range.”

Have the solutions worked for you?
“Absolutely! The good-looking gift bags from Bong make our staff even more proud of our clothes and jewellery and make our customers happy.”

About Flash
• Aimed at women of all ages
• The first store opened in Lund in 1968
• 61 stores in Sweden and 4 in Finland

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