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Lively, high-street fashion wrapped and sealed in seconds

If you're shopping for clothes in Belgium, you can't miss e5 mode. e5 mode is the bright and breezy fashion and accessories chain for shoppers who love lively colors, clean lines, and superb value for money. e5 mode keeps fashion-conscious Belgians – men, women, and children – looking smart, relaxed, and well within their budget.

e5 mode used to present purchases in traditional carrier bags. When it was time to re-order, e5 mode came to us for a quote. But we like to delve a little deeper before we put a price on something that might not be the best solution. It didn't take us long to discover that e5 mode didn't really like their carrier bags because they weren't sealable.

So we suggested a few alternatives. One of them – retail gift bags – offered exactly the right level of sophistication and easygoing style. Our retail gift bags open as wide as a carrier bag, but the top flap folds over to provide a neat, peal-and-seal closure.

We completed the brand-building look with high-quality print in e5 mode's light blue and charcoal-brown colors, and a protective glossy varnish. e5 mode chose four sizes of bag – enough to seal and present every size of purchase in a couple of seconds. Service doesn't come faster or smarter than that.

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