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What's the minimum order quantity?

That depends on the type of product you're looking for.

• For off-the-shelf catalogue products, you can order a single box.
• For bespoke packaging, minimum quantities vary according to
  the product and the colour.
• Many products can be printed direct from stock. We have print
  facilities in all countries and the minimum order quantity
  is normally 1000 pieces.

What is Bong doing to protect the environment?

We are always on the look-out for greener ways of working. When we find a greener alternative, we're quick to adopt it. To read about the environmental improvements we've already made, click here.

Can I design my own packaging?


Yes – and we'd love to help you develop your own unique look. With our product knowledge and technical know-how, you can create stunning effects surprisingly cost-effectively. Sometimes a simple adaptation – special paper or colours, a coat of varnish, or embossing perhaps – can revitalise a tried-and-tested format. An imaginative twist often turns a standard product into a unique brand statement.

To get you started, see our Book of Inspiration.

How fast can Bong deliver Propac articles?

For the most part, delivery times are short because we strive to keep all products in stock at all times.

• Standard products: Usually within a few days, providing
  the item is in stock
• Standard products with print: Between 5 and 10 days,
  providing the item is in stock
• Bespoke products: Delivery times depend on the order
  quantity and the complexity of the project. Because we
  work with numerous suppliers as well as our own
  in-house facilities, it's impossible to give a general
• In-house bespoke work for delivery within Europe:
  about 4 to 6 weeks
• External production placed outside Europe for delivery
   within Europe: about 2 to 3 months

Where is the Propac articles manufactured?

We manufacture about half of our products ourselves – stock items as well as printed and bespoke work – at any one of several production facilities spread throughout Europe. Our main propac factory is in Nybro, Sweden, where we make numerous special products including Retail Gift Bags, Padded Bags, Board Bags, Expanders, and Board Backs. We also work with other professional suppliers from all over the world. We choose suppliers on the basis of their inventiveness and their ability to satisfy the needs of the market. It's a great combination: market-leading products manufactured to a market-leading quality.



How big is the Propac range?

Click here to see the full range of our products.

But nothing stands still in packaging. We're always looking for fresh ideas, new formats, and innovative materials. And we're continually adapting existing styles to reflect changing market tastes. We're also aware that no one knows your own market better than you do. You know what excites your customers and what trends are capturing their imaginations right now. So, if you have a packaging idea that will appeal to your particular market, let us know. We can help you turn that idea into a market-leading reality.

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