Motivated, skilled and healthy employees are a crucial competitive factor in Bong’s markets. Bong endeavours to create a sustainable work environment that attracts, motivates and develops the workforce.

Employee policy
Bong is committed to good relationships with employees of the Group based on mutual respect.


Bong does not permit any form of forced labour or child labour. The minimum hiring age is the age at completion of compulsory education


Bong offers equal opportunity to everyone, regardless of race, colour, gender, nationality, religion, ethnicity, or other distinguishing characteristics.

All employees must be provided a safe and healthy work environment.

The employees of every company in the Group have the right to form or join a trade union in accordance with local laws or principles.consumption and recycling.

Integration off to a flying start
The people of Bong and Hamelin hold the keys to a successful merger. Recognising this, Bong started immediately in the autumn by inviting some 110 managers in the new organisation to a joint kick-off, where they discussed objectives and strategies, common values and a great deal else. The intention was for the participants to subsequently gather their employees to spread the information and new core values throughout the company.

The chief executives of both companies jointly visited units within the Group. The aim was to meet employees and give them a personal introduction to the new company. Along the way, important points of view were picked up for the future – from a truly European organisation.

The employee policy in practice
Bong is a modern company where decision paths are short and informal. The information policy is based on transparency and participation. Managers keep employees informed of local and company-wide developments. Everyone is encouraged to participate actively in discussions about improvements to the work environment that result in fewer work-related injuries, higher productivity and better quality. Bong also strives to reward extraordinary effort.


There are bonus programmes throughout the Group related to things like unit performance, production volume, the number of complaints, and on-time delivery. In some cases, these bonuses may be paid monthly.

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