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In 2008 the paper industry took the initiative for the establishment of a new pan-European environmental standard. In 2009 Bong will begin efforts to obtain certification of its products according to the Paper by Nature eco-label.


Converted paper products have an impact on the environment throughout their life cycle – from raw materials (forest management) to manufacturing and as recycled waste.Paper by Nature is the first pan-European environmental standard for eco-labelling of products made from converted paper.


The labelling criteria have been developed in cooperation with leading environmental organisations.




The Paper by Nature eco-label applies to converted paper products such as envelopes, books and pads, filing products, etc., and takes into account the potential environmental impacts of both the raw materials and converting process. PBN guarantees that the raw materials come from sustainably managed forests and that the products have been manufactured in certified facilities.


The Paper by Nature eco-label includes environmental impacts from the conversion process, such as energy consumption, emissions into the water and air and the use of environmentally hazardous substances.





Applications for eco-label certification can only be submitted by companies that are members of the Paper by Nature Association. The Paper by Nature eco-label is awarded by accredited certification bodies which audit each applicant company according to the eco-label’s criteria. From then on eco-label certification is regularly reviewed and monitored according to a strict process. Every three years, a global review is held that covers all criteria.





The European Envelope Manufacturers Association (FEPE), to which Bong belongs, is one of the founders and a member of the Paper by Nature Association.

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