Bong and the Portuguese Postal Service

are looking out for the environment

Nothing was left to chance when CTT, the Portuguese Postal Service, decided to replace its bubble bags with Bong’s padded bags. Paper, glue, shipping crates... everything was examined from the environmental perspective. The reason for the switch was that CTT wanted a more eco-friendly package and a supply partner that could live up to its strict environmental standards.

Impact resistant and eco-friendly bags
Recycled newspaper is used to pad the bags, which are made of unbleached kraft paper, inside and out. They can also be opened and sealed quickly with the self-adhesive flaps.

The CTT range consists of six products of bespoke design in three different formats with pre-printed postage for domestic and foreign delivery.


For anything that has to be mailed
The bags can be used to mail anything – from the simplest object to the most robust, and for personal or commercial use. Mail-order and e-business companies are major users.
Promising market
Bong has also been supplying padded bags to Sweden Post for many years. A number of EU institutions in Brussels have also purchased bags from Bong, overprinted with their own designs.

The market is clearly expanding for Bong’s padded bags, a strategic product group that has long been established in Sweden and the UK. Bong now sees significant potential in the new French market. Both the growing e-business sector and rising environmental standards are generating strong demand for padded bags.


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