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Tyvek® Pocket

The ultimate protection for that important mail or package. Puncture, tear and water resistant, breathable, recyclable and extremely light weight.
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Tyvek® Archive Sleeves

Rely on Tyvek® to protect important documents in long term storage. Tyvek® archive sleeves are outstandingly tough, durable, mould-resistant, dust-repellent, space-saving and reusable.
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Tyvek® Expander

It doesn’t matter how many documents or how bulky the item  you stuff into an expander made of DuPont Tyvek® is,  this tear and puncture proof material can take it.
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Tyvek® Pocket Small Packs

Tyvek® Pockets and Expanders available in packs of 20 -  Enables you to put to the test the unique features of the product and demonstrate the many applications to.
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Postal Tube

The Postal Tube is a storage and mailing medium in one.
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This is the cost effective way to mail posters, plans, maps, and other documents.
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ColdSeal Self-adhesive Corrugated

Adapts to any size or shape of object, simply and easily.
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Securitex® Pocket

The Securitex® Pocket is the tear and water resistant opaque envelope that keeps prying eyes out.
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For everyday correspondence, it expands to fit what you want to mail, it´s a great all-rounder.
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Securitex® Expander

The Securitex® Expander swallows bulky documents without tearing and getting its contents wet.
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