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Bong Packaging Solutions is part of the Bong Group which is the leading European supplier and manufacturer of specialized packaging and envelopes. Dating back to 1737, Bong has a solid foundation of experience and knowledge concerning the production, distribution and selling of paper based products.

In Bong Packaging Solutions we have collected our expertise in business areas focused on customized packaging solutions, and here you will find your partner in finding the right packaging solution for your unique needs and requirements. Whether you are in e-commerce, retailing or in a business with requirements of confidentiality or specialty packaging – Bong Packaging Solutions will be able to help you.

You will also find the standard range of packaging solutions, Propac, within Bong Packaging Solutions. These products are sold throughout the Bong organization – creating an extensive offer of mailing and packaging products.

Bong Packaging Solutions also has the benefit of having production units incorporated in the organization which produces a variety of packaging products – both standard and customized.
Bong Packaging Solutions Nybro –  As one of Bongs production units focusing on packaging products and solutions, our production unit in Nybro, Sweden has an extensive and broad portfolio and offering of in-house produced packaging solutions.

Propac - In our standard packaging range you will find products for just about every business use you can think of: confidential data and correspondence, inspirational retailing, reliable e-fulfillment, archiving, laboratory samples, delicate gifts, glossy brochures, and robust engineering parts.
To further investigate the complete offer of Bong Packaging Solutions within Bong, please select the business area closely related to your line of business:

Bong Retail Solutions – Great retailing is a theatrical event that draws customers deeper into your brand values. We’ll help you create gift bags, gift boxes, and other wrapping which is as unique and inspiring as your merchandise.

Bong Security Solutions
– Some goods, documents, and data are too valuable or sensitive to leave to chance. With your own secure, traceable, or tamper-evident packaging materials, you prove you’re serious about security and confidentiality.

Bong Packaging Systems – Fast, efficient, automated e-fulfillment using ColdSeal technology increases output, cuts costs, and improves reliability. We have the equipment, the materials, and the know-how to help you deliver every time, on time!
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