Protect your mailings

Tyvek® protects your brand from the bumps, scrapes, and splashes of a hostile world. Your mail arrives as securely as you packed it.

Tear- and burst-resistant
Tyvek® is archival strength and quality. It gives your goods and documents long-lasting care and protection in a tough world. The inert, high-density polyethylene fibres of Tyvek® are tear- and wear-resistant. Even repeated folding and creasing won't weaken them.

Water runs straight off Tyvek®. It doesn't seep in and it doesn't weaken the material. The non-woven fibres of Tyvek® form a breahtable, water and rot-resistant layer that keeps your contents dry.

Protect your mailings now
The best way to find out what Tyvek® can do for your mailings is to try tearing it yourself. You won't get far. Call us now for samples and a free quotation.

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