Code of Conduct

Bong has adopted a code of conduct that lays down the fundamental principles
by which the company strives to do business:

Bong complies with statutory requirements in each country where the Group carries on operations.

Bong abides by the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Bong’s business activities will be conducted with integrity and ethics.

Bong is open to, and wishes to be effective in, dialogues with our stakeholders.

Bong strives to inspire those who are affected by the company’s operations to work in the spirit of the code of conduct.



Bong expects its employees to handle all business partners in a businesslike manner, correctly and respectfully.

Corruption, bribery or anti-competitive practices disrupt markets and jeopardize social and democratic development.
Bong denounces such practices.

Bong will behave correctly in all business-related situations.

Bong will comply with existing competition legislation.

Bong does not offer or give bribes, nor does it accept bribes to maintain or obtain new business relations.

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